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Heaven-Tier Collab: Haru Soaperie partners with Get Polished! and Costa De Luna

Ever since I was a kid, I always loved playing with nail polishes. Nail-art was already huge in Japan as early as the late '90s, I remember saving up my allowance to buy those stick-on nails when I was in the 5th grade. And so I was super bummed when I realized it wasn't a thing here in the Philippines (yet) back then, when I first moved to Manila in the early 2000s. 

Fast-forward to sometime between 2006 to 2008, I remember a few nail salons popping up here and there offering cute nail-arts and bold polish colors - aside from the same old Cappuccino, Baby Peach, and white french tip that we all loved, but honestly were becoming boring. I remember being so excited and hopping from one nail spa to another, trying and comparing their services. That's when I stumbled upon this unbelievably cute and chic nail salon in Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes - Get Polished! Nail Spa. The interior was so cozy and pretty, technicians were all well-trained to be just the right combination of friendly and professional, the services were always just on point. Since then on, I have always been their loyal fan.

Array of bold colored nail polishes lined up in pretty shelf in Get Polished! Nails and Waxing Salon

So when the universe worked its magic and brought Haru and them together, I was so ecstatic! Not only will I be able to cater to our BF Homes Bubblies better, but I will be able to work with two of the brands that I genuinely believe in and love. To celebrate this milestone, we had a little get together party with Ms. Renee Conception - the owner of Costa De Luna, and some of our close friends. We prepped nice snacks, guests enjoyed the services and Haru items, some freebies, and took lots of photos!

Haru Artisan Soaperie in Get Polished! Nail Salon Costa De Luna BF Homes

Get Polished! Nails, Haru Artisan Soaperie Soaps

Select Haru items like Masks, Soaps, Mists, and all items from the Summer Collection are now available at Get Polished!, and the best part? You can experience the bath bombs during your foot-spa as an add-on!

Haru Artisan Soaperie Mermaid Gem Bath BombHaru Artisan Soaperie Bedtime Story Bath Bomb

You can also purchase the masks and scrubs, and ask the lovely nail-techs to use them in place of the regular scrubs. 

Haru Artisan Soaperie Summer Sunset Scrub in Get Polished! Nail Salon

The bath bombs can also be enjoyed in the next door Costa De Luna Reflexology and Wellness, as an add-on to their relaxing foot-soak.

Costa De Luna Reflexology BF Homes Haru Artisan Soaperie

Costa De Lune Haru Soaperie

Are you from the south? Visit the spa if you are in the area! Come pick those soaps up and smell away :)

Haru Artisan Soaperie in Get Polished! Nails and Waxing Salon BF Homes

You can try your luck and walk-in to both Get Polished! Nails and Waxing Salon and Costa De Luna Reflexology and Wellness, but since they are almost always fully booked I would strongly suggest calling them first to book an appointment.

Have you tried their services already? Tell us your experience in the comments! I love love looove hearing from you :)

For reservations, call below:

Get Polished! Nails and Waxing Salon

(02) 263 0754

189-B Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Phase 3, Parañaque City

FB: Get Polished! Nails and Waxing Salon

IG: @getpolisgednailsandwaxing

Costa De Luna Reflexology and Wellness

(02) 239 7461

189 Aguirre Ave. BF Homes, Phase 3, Parañaque City

FB: Costa De Luna Reflexology and Wellness

IG: @costadelunaph


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  • Wow, congrats Haru! Would really love to try the bath bombs while having a foot spa. Sounds fun, and I’m sure my kids would love it too. I hope to see Haru in nail salons around Makati!


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