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About us

Sydney Soap

Growing up, I often tagged along my mom whom one of the hobbies was to search for the best skincare around. Her choices always involved natural recipes like covering her face up with oatmeal and honey, bathing in rice milk, sitting on geranium foot bath, I also remember coming home and seeing her covered in mud! She worked on weekdays so this was her R and R routine any chance she gets. 

Naturally, I grew up loving skincare as well. I was a huge fan of the well known handmade cosmetics brand. I was blessed enough to afford a piece now and then, but spending 300 - 400 pesos per small bar of soap was too expensive for a college student. Buying that small slice of soap was a treat to myself. So for other times, I settled for less. 

My skin was kind to me during my teenage days. Luckily I was spared from the adolescence acne. Fast forward to my early 20's - this was the time my skin started acting out. I constantly had break outs all over my cheeks and it was out of control. I literally hopped through one derma clinic to another, trying different kinds of facial treatments from peeling to needling to whatnot that I can no longer remember. I literally had about 10 products on my face everyday!! However, sadly, none of it worked. But don't worry, it's a happy ending story. (Thank God!)

It was actually nothing topical that initially helped my condition. A derma clinic in Japan (I'm half Japanese! My skincare loving mom was Japanese) suggested that I should try to review my life style as my breakouts seem to be mainly caused by hormonal imbalance. She prescribed some meds to help with it and wow, it did work wonders!

Now, only if I could have a clear skin without the help of meds. But how? The answer was rather simple (in my case) - healthy life style with no harsh chemical products. Simple, yes. Easy to do? Not really. But it is actually the only way, and not to mention, the best way. I started looking more into what I eat and what I put on my body. Now I understand that if only I took care of the breakouts by being kind to it rather than rubbing all kinds of harsh chemicals to it, may be things would have been different. Our skin is really a reflection of our daily life. What we do, what we eat, what we apply on it, it shows. It may take time but nurturing it from the inside and simultaneously from the outside, will definitely give you that radiant healthy glow.

Entering the soap and skincare making world was kind of a natural thing for me. It was like trying to make a batch of cupcakes with all the favorite ingredients, or going on a road trip just because it's fun. I wanted to make something nice, something I enjoy doing, something my friends will love too. Soap and skincare making seems to be all my passion packed into one - researching all about the things that's good for our skin and body, ultimate DIY, with endless possibilities for creativity. 

HARU is a reflection of what I love. I put all my effort and thoughts into each and every product I make. If you notice, HARU is also Japanese-Filipino just like me! I try to make use of the best natural ingredients from both of my motherlands. Remembering that "kilig" feeling I got whenever I bathed in my favorite honey soap, I wish to deliver that feeling, that international quality brand, but in a affordable, "local" price. I hope I could make your bathing routine a little bit more enjoyable and a lot healthier through the products I make :)

The HARU Artisan Soaperie brand is dedicated to the loving memory of my hardworking, loving, and kikay Mom, Haruko Escuin.