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HARU Artisan Soaperie - HARU Artisan Soaperie
HARU Artisan Soaperie - HARU Artisan Soaperie

Secret Garden Bath Bomb

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Secret Garden bath bomb foams and fizzes for your bath, hand soak, or foot soak. 

Enriched with luxurious rose essential oil, rosehip oil, rose floral tea blend of rose petals, peppermint, orange peel, and rosebuds. 

Turns the water light tea color with hint of red.

Please store the bathbombs in dry, cool place. While they are very pretty and it might be tempting to display them by the bathroom counter, the humidity will activate the bathbombs prematurely and cause them to fizz. When this happens, bathbombs may not create the best fizzing effect when used. However, the bathbombs will still have the same nourishing benefits to the skin even when they did not fizz or foam as supposed to. 

Bathbombs may make your tub very slippery due to the oil content. 

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