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HARU Artisan Soaperie - HARU Artisan Soaperie
HARU Artisan Soaperie - HARU Artisan Soaperie

Tea Tree & Mint Bath Bomb

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Settle in for a good soak with our own version of famous bath bomb, exploding with essential oils and lots of fizzy fun. Whether you're after a relaxing, cool and minty soak or an invigorating salts and scent, there's a bath bomb perfect for every bathing experience.

What is more fitting to soothe for those tired feet than a blend of pepper mint and tea tree oil? Slide under a deeply rich creamy green foam as fresh, tingly peppermint oil envelops your feet or your whole body. 

How to use: Fill your bathtub or foot spa tub with warm water, drop the bath bomb and lie back to enjoy its lovely color and gorgeous fragrance.


6cm diameter 70g 

Store in dry, cool area to prevent premature fizzing.